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Honor Missions are for the Fallen Warriors of our country. We will attend these missions when, requested by the families of the fallen.

Here is how things work:


The State Captain is notified by the Department of Defense of the death. We then contact the Casualty Assistance Officer in charge of the case. We express our desire for him/her to let the family know that it would be and Honor for us to be able to show our Honor, Dignity and Respect for the loss of their loved one.

We explain to them what it is we do, and also give them our National web-site address so they as well as the family can visit the site and see what we are all about. Sometimes you will see on the National Site under Pending Missions the name of the Warrior that just lost their life. What this means is we are awaiting approval from the family to attend.

So please if you see this visit the thread and leave a condolence to the family. If it becomes a Confirmed Mission, these posts will move into that area as well.


We will upon request by the family be there to Honor any Veteran’s death from any era of service or any branch of service ,regardless if they served in combat or peace time. There is information that we will require and that information will be gotten by the State Captain/Assistant State Captain. The family will need the deceased DD-214, however if they do not have a copy still let us know and we will work it out. The Ohio Patriot Guard Riders does not want any Veteran’s last days to go unnoticed.

If you were to ask the question, “How do I get the Ohio PGR to come to my loved ones funeral” this question will help! Simply have the person that represents the family’s wishes e-mail me at the following e-mail address: ohiocaptains@patriotguard.org and we will contact you!

The Assistant State Captain will get the information and notify our division.


These missions are really very fun and emotional; by this I mean to see these Warriors returning from their deployments where ever they have been in the World it is a sight to see. No matter if it is one warrior or a whole unit of warrior’s, when they exit the vehicle or aircraft, bus, etc; what ever mode of transportation they used to get home.

Seeing the excitement in their family member’s eyes awaiting their loved ones arrival is truly priceless.

We will upon request from the family of a Warrior coming home be there to welcome them home, again there is information we will need to make this a “WELCOME HOME MISSION”. We will need to talk to the family member and let them tell us what they want us to do. Such as be at the airport, bus station, train station or even at there home. All that needs to be done is contact the State Captain or Assistant State Captain at: ohiocaptains@patriotguard.org


A Deployment Mission is when a Warrior or group of warrior’s are being deployed any place in the World.

We have to be invited by the family member or the Unit of the Warrior/Warrior’s.

We will require certain information for them, once this has been done the Mission will be posted on our Nation we-site.

There are strict rules we must follow that have been given to us by the Department of Defense as to what information we can post.

These missions although sad, need to be done so our Warrior’s know that we as Patriotic Americans support not only them, but their families as well.

What we do at these missions is Stand in Honor of these Warrior’s for the journey they are about to embark on and let them know that we have their backs here in America, and we will be there for them when they come home.

The Deployment Missions are posted on the National web-site under the Welcome Home / Help on the Home Front Header.

Again have the family member or person in charge of the Unit e-mail the State / Assistant State Captain at ohiocaptains@patriotguard.org

We need as much Advanced Notice as possible

Once we have the required information it will be posted on our National web-site under Welcome Home Missions.

Our Active Duty Military as well as our Veterans are constant reminders that,



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