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Your personal heartfelt thanks in the form of a card and/or letter is so very appreciated by us. Please know it was an honor for the Ohio Patriot Guard Riders to serve you and your loved one during this time.

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The Goldenbogen Family

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Dear Gary,

On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to thank you and the other members of Patriot Guard Riders for attending the service and funeral of my brother, Emory Strahlem. Your support and tributes to him and his military service at the OVH and the Western Reserve National Cemetery in Rittman meant a lot to us. It was gratifying to read the tributes to him from fellow veterans and others from all over the country on your website.

It is very comforting to see how the veteran community supports service members and their families.

Emory was involved with the United States military and veteran community for most of his life, as a member of the US Army and Army Reserve, as an employee of the Veterans Administration and as a resident of Ohio Veterans Home.  He would have been proud to be honored by your organization.

God bless you and the Patriot Guard Riders.

Lillian Lopeman

Ravenna, Ohio



I have sat down to write this several times in the last week. I just haven’t had the words to describe how humbled I am to the PGR. It was a great honor to my sister and my family for the PGR to be there. I have followed the PGR for several years and have always admired your dedication to those who have fallen. Until you have the honor and privilege of an escort, you can’t imagine the comfort you guys give the family. I could ramble on with this forever so just let me say thanks to Mr. Bob Woods and the rest of the PGR on behalf of the entire Henley family. We are humbled by your love and respect.


William P. Henley  


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