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Your personal heartfelt thanks in the form of a card and/or letter is so very appreciated by us. Please know it was an honor for the Ohio Patriot Guard Riders to serve you and your loved one during this time.

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Subject: Procession for Cornelius

Just wanted to say THANKS. I (viet vet USAF air police) stood along the route in Kingsville to give my respect to Kevin and family. When the procession came through I was totally in awe. I have read a bit about the PGR in another site (VSPA Vietnam Security Police Association) and think you guys and gals do a great service. I hope we never ever return soldiers the way we were returned - alive or deceased. I don't ride anymore but I am healthy enough to support the troops and keep the jerks away when needed. The goose bumps took awhile to go away after you rode by and it was such a proud moment.

I just wanted to say THANKS.

Bob Davies

Dear Patriot Guard Riders:

What a service you provide for our fallen heroes. You go above and beyond and it will not go unnoticed. Thank you for your service.

The staff of Ducro Funeral Services

Dear Ralph Bago and The Patriot Guard Riders that answered our Mission Request to escort our Son LCpl Nicholas Said home to Medina where His family , friends and neighbors could welcome him home in truly hero style.  What you did for Nick was as Nick put it " an incredible experience" and I know that Cpl Steven Adkins was also in his glory riding with you, these two young men talked about it for two days straight and I know Steven had a great story to tell when he returned home to Michigan.  And I am sure they will share it again when they return to Camp Lejune. You truly made their day and in my eyes if it just relieved there minds of the stresses of War for five minutes it was more than any one could ask for.  The mission made the front page of the Medina County Gazette, a great story and picture of Nick on the front and a picture of the PGR on page 3, I have extra copies if you did not get a chance to see it or if you would like a copy for your files.  I as a Blue Star Mother can not thank you enough for what you do, may God bless each and every one of you. I don't have e-mails so if you could please thank each Rider that gave their time for us we would appreciate it. 

Once again Thank You - Thank You - Thank You  

Barbara Said
VPMM LCpl Nick Said 3/6 Lima Co.

28 September 2010

Mr. Perry,

On Saturday September 11, 2010, my mother (Virginia Sottovia) was blessed to have the Patriot Guard at her funeral and the showing the day before. My family was in awe of all your guys did. I only know the name of Gram Web. I cant tell you how much my family appreciate the patriot guard. It was such a great blessing to us.

Please tell me if we can help you in any way.
Susan Collins & Family

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