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Your personal heartfelt thanks in the form of a card and/or letter is so very appreciated by us. Please know it was an honor for the Ohio Patriot Guard Riders to serve you and your loved one during this time.

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I want to thank you for your support of the family of Lance Cpl.  Maria Lauterbach. She was the cousin of my daughter's teacher, and Mrs. Luby mentioned to me what a comfort it was to have you there. Any group that helps families as you do are heroes. We need more Patriots like you.

In sincere appreciation,
Wendy Whipple
Matteson, IL


Feburary 15, 2009

I know we are very late in expressing our thanks to you and the other members that attended Sgt. Chrisitina Smith's funrerals in Hillsboro and Arlington, but we can't even begin to express our thanks.  One of these days, I'll get around to joining your great organization and gladly ride with honor and pride for our fallen soldiers.  We still often speak to others about what the PGR did for us.


Steve and Kathy Loehrke


February 15,2009

Dear Bob, I am writing you to thank you and the Patriot Guard for honoring my father at his calling hours Friday and his funeral at the church and at the cemetary Saturday. They behaved as true professionals. The plague that was given honoring my father's time serving his country during the Korean War was truly amazing. Dad never called it a conflict, he said people died, it was a war.You and your group have our eternal gratitude and I hope my health allows me to help in the future.

Very respectfully,

Your servant, Richard R. Unkefer


February 14,2009

My daughter and I were in business in Enon, Ohio the other day and were looking at pins to honor my son who is serving in Iraq and this very nice gentleman asked if we had someone serving in the military.  We explained to him that my son is now serving in Iraq and the 4 soliders that were just killed in Mosul were in his company.  He was very kind and expressed his concern and then gave us two of his coins and said when my son comes home that they would make arrangements to welcome him home. 

I was very touched by his kindness!!!!  I think what all your members do is great to show their appreciation.

This man really touched my heart.  I didn't get his name but he made sure we were aware of your organization and tell he was very proud of all you do and for all that our men and women serving now do.  For this I thank him and all of you.

May god bless you all, and keep all of our men and women in the service safe.


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