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Your personal heartfelt thanks in the form of a card and/or letter is so very appreciated by us. Please know it was an honor for the Ohio Patriot Guard Riders to serve you and your loved one during this time.

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Dear Patriot Guard,

Thank you PGR Mission Captain and all the members who stood proudly for one of our brothers this week.  The showing of such great patriotism for a USN Seabee Vietnam Era Veteran Richard 'Popeye' Hilbert was heartwarming.  The dedication of those men and women who stood outside the funeral home for a person they don't even know says volumes for the organization and that there are still people in this country who appreciate what our military does for us now and has accomplished in the past.

As a PGR member I've been on scores of missions and I'm proud to be available to server but when it's one of your own it meant much more to see our members proudly flying our flag thought the service!

Rick was one of my Rolling Thunder brothers as well. He was steadfast in his support of our veterans and our mission of keeping the public aware that there are still POW and MIAs that must be accounted for.

I know that if he were alive to see what you had done for his family, he would be as proud of the organization as I am.

Speaking to members of his family and several of his friends they told me that they were happy to have the PGR present to show the respect for one of our brothers.

I've seen first hand how our responsibility as PGR members is important and can only hope that the high level of participation does not wane once the hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan are over.

The organization continues to do great things for our brothers and sisters in arms upon their return from combat but we must continue to serve those who served, forever!

I was proud to serve my country, and I’m just as proud to be a member of PGR as well.

James ‘Spy’ Reilly

President – Rolling Thunder Ch 9 OH
Proud Patriot Guard Member
USN – ’66 / ‘70


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