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Your personal heartfelt thanks in the form of a card and/or letter is so very appreciated by us. Please know it was an honor for the Ohio Patriot Guard Riders to serve you and your loved one during this time.

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I was in the [Matt Maupin] procession and everybody in my car had a wet face coming out of the stadium. We were moved to such an extent, words could not describe our emotions in awe watching your riders line the street out of the city. A lot of us at the burial noticed how long everyone stood with flags with no breaks or relief. I'm glad Kieth offered his sons flag to your captain. This the second funeral of a fallen that I have watched your organization help these families. Your organization brings a whole new meaning to the words of class and respect. I along with the rest of the tri-state area will always remember your valued contribution to this life experience.                                           

Most Respectfully,

Rob Greenebaum
Ocean City MD



Patriot Guard,

Our family just wanted you all to know how honored we were to have your presence at my brother's funeral and burial.The respect and love we felt from all the participants was just amazing. I want to personally thank,Bob Woods Mike Hampton,Richard Evans,Terry Willis and others who I did not have a chance to catch their names for honoring my brother and my family with your upmost respect and devotion to your mission of standing up for your fallen soldier. Michael' mother was extremely touched with your participation in Mike's funeral service and your acknowledgement of him wtih your fellow brothers was just beautiful. My family will be ever grateful. Thank you so much for standing up for such an important cause and being such a patriot! You make our country a much better place and fill this family with such joy and pride to have had a brother serve in the United States Military, God Bless you All! God Bless America!




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