In Memory of STG Rod Foley USN

STG Rod Foley USN
Vietnam Veteran 65-68
USS Ingraham DD-694
District # 5 Ride Captain
Patriot Guard Riders
RIP- July 04, 2007

How do I describe this mission? Well, how would you describe Rod Foley? A contradiction in so many ways, yet steady and true all the way. Confusing? Well, now you understand my feelings. Confused that this man could be taken from us so suddenly. Confused that I should cry harder at his funeral then I did my own Dad's. Confused that I still don't understand why he touched my life so much. It was a day of great sadness, yet a day or great joy. We did truly celebrate Rod's life more then we mourned his passing. I believe each of us will mourn in our own way, in our own time. And time is something we all need. To any PGR's there that did not know Rod (and I'm not sure there were any), but if so, I want to assure that we don't normally act that way at a mission. The flag line was full of laughing and talking. There were many riders that did not stand the flag line at all or, like me, for only a short time. The silence and respect to family we normally show, was replaced by the comradrieire of and love of each other that Rod himself help teach us. That Rod showed us in so many ways. A Hero? Damn Right Rod Foley is a Hero. A hero in uniform, a hero in leather and a hero in life. Thank you, Rod for all you gave me in the short time I knew you. Thank you to all my brothers and sisters that were there in body and spirit. July 4th will forever have new meaning. The blazing fireworks will always bring memories of a man that lived life large and proud. A man that truly, Lived to Ride and Rode to Live. God bless you, Rod. Your Brother forever: Groundhog

Dad, you still ride on in my heart, and it's obvious to see how many people you have touched. The many soldiers, who gave their lives to keep us free, now have the opportunity to thank you face to face. And you couldn't have left us at a more fitting time. Now, whenever I see and hear fireworks on the 4th, they will also be for you. You were, are, and will ALWAYS be forever with me and with all of the people who were graced by your presence. Thank ALL of you for your kind and supportive words in this time of need. R.I.P., Rod Foley July 4th, 2007.

Your son, Rodney H. Foley II
Prayers go out to all PGR Riders, I love what you do.

Rod, There is nothing more I can add the comments above speak volumes as to the person you were to so many people.

Thank you for your service to our country and the Ohio Patriot Guard Riders.

Bob Woods
Ohio State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders

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