In Memory of Martin D. "Marty" Blackman


SM2 Martin D. “Marty” Blackman, 52
Carroll, Ohio
Patriot Guard Member
“The Engineer, Apes in the Wind”


Marty was a long time member of the Patriot Guard Riders. He joined the PGR when it began here in Ohio. He would come to every mission he could and always wanted to help make sure everything was right of whomever the mission was for. He made sure he watched the mission threads and always post something to them. He will be missed.

I have added comments form Robert “Tater” Smith and Vic Fisher, after reading them you will see why Marty was liked so well.  “Apes in the Wind”, Brother.

Bob Woods
Ohio State Captain
Patriot Guard Riders


One memorable Mission in Mechanicsburg Ohio for a Volunteer Firefighter, my wife and I arrived early, we thought.....Marty and Butch (another Member of great stature) were already on duty assisting in the parking and staging of what seemed over 100 Emergency Vehicles from all over the country. His first thought was always, "What can I do?" As an early State Captain, one of my fears was the safety of our members to and from a Mission, always praying for their safe return home. I always knew when Marty would be there, the posting of "Apes in the Wind" and his safe return home posting, "Back in the Man Cave." At one time he had the tail of his bike strutted to make it a " hard tail ", but later put the shocks back on. I remember his tell tail glass wrap on the pipes, and his full brown leather all weather gear. Marty quickly gained respect for his not being a "fair weather rider", rain, cold, it didn't matter to him, he had a Mission. We became closer and swapped phone numbers, and hooked up whenever possible, until I started driving over the road that is. Marty felt good off and on, and to my great regret, never quite hooked up again.

Robert “Tater” Smith

Martin D."MARTY" Blackman, Thank you for your service to our country, Thank you for your service to the PGR, and Thank you for allowing me to call you a good friend. You see I had the pleasure of riding with Marty on many occasions. I live in Marysville and Marty was on the way on many missions, so we would meet up and head on down the road. Marty was truly in heaven going down the road, weaving in and out of cars on the freeway and pointing to the lane he ways heading to next. I don't think he knew or wanted to know what a turn signal was. Marty instilled in me the pure pleasure of the ride, easy does it, stop for extra crispy fries, maybe a cold beer and finally head to the MAN cave. All of us could learn a lot from the amount of respect Marty had while we were actively at "the mission". Straight up at attention, straight flag, mouth shut, willing do whatever and cut of shirt sleeves (no matter the weather). Marty's rain gear on most wet rides home was his cut off shirt and sunglasses. I will never forget the times we had, especially the time that we almost taped a keg at a VFW after a mission. The only problem was that we were at the wrong VFW, no wonder Marty and I were the ONLY PGR members there. Marty my brother, I will miss riding with you on the missions, but rest assured that I will be able to close my eyes and see you on the beautiful old school Harley riding along the side of all of us! If you have the time please come on out Saturday and lets all show Marty how much he meant to us.

Love Ya my brother!

Vic Fisher

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