Mr. John William Becker

Born; 15 January 1945
Died; 06 July 2017


Ohio Patriot Guard Member District #7

To those that knew John, we have lost a very good person. John had many hats he wore in service to his community and the military men and women that serve and have served our country. John was very passionate about helping others John volunteered with the Red Cross Disaster Services for ten years as a team leader, UC Hospital, Bethesda North's ER Department, and with the Jewish Hospital Information Department. John was a member of the Patriot Guard and Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club.

John was not a veteran of military service however he was a true Patriot. John loved his country and supported its authority and interests. During John’s final days I visited him while he was in the hospital, we talked about allot of things, in general, we also talked about the inevitable. John told me that he knows he did not serve in the military but wanted to know if we could be at his funeral.

I told him “Your joking right,” he said, "no!" I then told him about serving in the military vs. being a Patriot. I told him Patriots are the ones that fought for America the military came later on. I am very proud to have him standing in a Flag line with me.(us)

I knew he was getting tired and it was time to go, I told him we are here for him and Judy if they need us. His final words to me were “It has been an Honor being a Ohio Patriot Guard Member and please tell everyone that he Loves us all.

Rest easy John, keep an eye on us you will always be with us.

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