In Memory of
SPC/4 Gale "Butch" Edwin Belville

SPC/ 4  Gale "Butch" Edwin Belville, 62
Marysville/Raymond, Ohio

US Army Vietnam Veteran 69/71 / Ohio PGR Member


We have lost a Brother and PGR Member, not to mention an American Hero.  Butch passed at his home peaceably with family on 4/16 @ 1815  (6:15 pm).  He had battled much the last 3 years with several serious illnesses.  It took many to take this giant of a man down.  Butch has been a valued Member, Temporary Ride Captain, not to mention the other duties he performed when asked, he was proud to accomplish everything asked of him and yearned for more to do.  Butch, in the early birth of the Ohio PGR was a dependable Member, he didn't miss many Missions if any.  Later disability to drive has limited his activity.  He is the roots of the PGR in Ohio.  It is because of him, in part his share, of the reason we have the pride and reputation we have today. 

Butch served in the US Army from 4/25/69  to 1/8/71  in Company B 5th Battalion 7th Cavalry (Air Mobile) and later in HHC 2b Bde 1st Cavalry (Air Mobile).  Butch's Unit was ordered by then President Nixon, to enter Cambodia and search and destroy NVA weapons caches.  The NVA kept supplies across the border, and until they were found and destroyed would kill many American Soldiers.  The Documentary Shakeys Hill was done with an imbedded Australian photographer.  Butch was contacted and declined an interview for this documentary, still suffering from PTSD, as "Shakey" was his 50mm loader.  Because of this find, about 6 other locations were mapped, and destroyed.

Butch received the Army Commendation For Heroism.  Most heroes don't think they are, and Butch is no different.  Butch battled the demons of war the rest of his life, only feeling comfort at home or with the Patriot Guard Riders.  He and his family have become our family, and now we support them in any way we can.  

Butch leaves behind a wonderful wife, Terri, who has made Butch a "Heaven on Earth" home in the country, son Adam of Washington DC, daughter Rachel of Dayton, and daughter Ashley of Marysville. and other Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and a Brother.  And Butch leaves us behind. Our Mission continues in his memory, and he is with us always.

Our Brother is now resting in peace, free from the pain of this world.  He is never to be forgotten as a quiet man, a generous man, a Father, a Brother, a Husband, a Friend, and most definitely, A TRUE AMERICAN HERO (and as before, to my dying day, he will not change my mind about that)'

"Tater"  Retired Ohio State Captain

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